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Workshop Materials Library


The veterinary epidemiology workshop materials are contained within this password protected web-based repository.  Materials – except PowerPoint Slide Collections – are provided as PDF files unless otherwise noted. The workshop materials are organized as individual building blocks by topic and can be combined to create a curriculum for a workshop with a maximum length of two weeks.  A catalog of all materials is available.

The materials were developed for audiences consisting of practicing veterinary professionals with little background knowledge in animal health programs including epidemiology.  The aim of these materials is to show the applications of epidemiology as aids for the decision-making process. 

These materials are best used when trainers become “facilitators” and not “lecturers”.  The materials are designed for a collaborative workshop environment that includes round table discussions and table-top exercises.  Readings are provided for each topic and are meant to be studied outside workshop hours.  


Workshop Curricula, Preparation, & Evaluation

Available materials can be selected and combined to create a curriculum for workshop with varying duration. It is imperative to design a curriculum and select appropriate materials based on the purpose of the workshop, the intended participants and their needs, and the length of the workshop.

Guides & Forms

Computer Tools

OpenEpi and Epi Z are the chosen computer tools for the application of presented materials. Open Epi is an open source epidemiologic statistics program and provides statistics for counts and measurements in descriptive and analytic studies. OpenEpi is free and can be run from a web server or downloaded to be run without a web connection. The program is updated regularly.

Epi Z is a Microsoft Excel Workbook created by Dr. Cristóbal Zepeda and is a series of Microsoft Excel worksheets that are compiled into a workbook. Additional information is provided in the catalog.

Need Help?

Individuals who require clarification or have questions on borrowed materials should email Dr. Mo Salman.