For Colorado State University Students

The Animal Population Health Institute does not provide coursework for academic credit. Rather, the Institute provides a venue for students to participate in specific research and outreach projects.

APHI is placed administratively within the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences; the majority of Institute faculty members are within the Department of Clinical Sciences and Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology. As such, all formal academic study resulting in an advanced degree follows guidelines set forth by Colorado State University and the department in which the student studies.

Undergraduate, veterinary medicine students, and graduate students are able to participate in Institute-funded research and outreach projects for academic credit under the guidance of APHI faculty and staff members.

Graduate Students

Graduate students are admitted into a specific department within the University; APHI does not have a formal graduate degree program. All prospective students must apply to Colorado State University Graduate School and meet all admission requirements for the University and the department of interest.

Students interested in pursuing an advanced degree with a focus on infectious animal diseases, food animal production, pre-harvest food safety, diagnostic testing, risk modeling, and veterinary epidemiology are encouraged to contact an Institute faculty member with aligned interests.

APHI faculty members are available to work within their individual departmental guidelines and design a tailored program to meet individual student needs. For example, the majority of the Institute's graduate students are enrolled within the Department of Clinical Sciences and many have interests in population health. In order to aid these students to better understand the scope and specific expectations related to core knowledge concerning population health and epidemiology, Population Health Section faculty members prepared a document outlining expected proficiencies, which is provided below.

Graduate Student Resources

Veterinary Students & Undergraduate Students

A limited number of internships and research opportunities are available for veterinary students with interests in veterinary epidemiology. Interested veterinary students should contact Institute faculty members directly for more information.

Opportunities for undergraduate students include employment in laboratory research facilities and administration. Several academic internship opportunities are available. Interested undergraduates should send inquiries to