APHI Directory

Faculty / Staff

Collaborating faculty members from the Departments of Clinical Sciences and Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology within the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and the Departments of Animal Science and Agriculture & Resource Economics within the College of Agricultural Sciences are the core of the Animal Population Health Institute.


Name Expertise
Ballweber, Laura Diagnostic parasitology
Belk, Keith Red Meat Safety; Meat Quality; International Trade
Callan, Rob Livestock medicine & surgery
Duncan, Colleen Veterinary Pathology; Epidemiology; Wildlife Disease
Ellis, Robert Biosafety & biosecurity; pathogenic bacteriology; immunology
Engle, Terry Animal Nutrition
Garry, Frank Cattle health
Hyatt, Doreene Bacteriology; pre-harvest food safety
McConnel, Craig Large animal medicine - dairy
Morley, Paul Veterinary epidemiology; biosecurity; veterinary internal medicine
Olea-Popelka, Francisco Veterinary epidemiology: livestock, wildlife, humans
Pabilonia, Kristy Veterinary diagnostics, diseases of poultry, microbiology, disease surveillance
Pendell, Dustin Agricultural Economics
Rao, Sangeeta Veterinary Biostatistics
Roman-Muniz, Noa Animal Health and Well-being; Dairy Worker Training; Human Safety & Health on Livestock Operations
Salman, Mo Veterinary epidemiology; infectious animal diseases
Steneroden, Katie Veterinary Public Health
Traub-Dargatz, Josie Equine infectious diseases
Van Metre, Dave Clostridial diseases of livestock, biosurveillance, zoonotic diseases



Name Title
Bishop, Jeanette Research Associate - Diagnostic Lab
Bradley, Michele Administrative Staff
Linke, Lyndsey Research Associate -- Laboratory
Magnuson, Bobbi Research Associate -- Laboratory
Nichols, Jeruesha Veterinary Technologist -- ILM Program;
CSU Veterinary Extension Animal Health Technician
Timms, Pamela Administrative Staff