Current Research Highlight


Animal Anthrax in the Country of Georgia

APHI research collaborator Dr. Debby Reynolds, Dr. Sangeeta Rao, and Dr. Mo Salman currently are working together with several additional institutions on a research project to investigate anthrax in animals in Georgia. An unmatched case-control study was designed to compare cases and unaffected control animals in one of the target livestock species cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and horses or donkeys. This study is being conducted in order to provide a clear understanding of the epidemiology, and the exposure and risk factors associated with the occurrence and the spread of anthrax in animals in Georgia. Full article>


Historical Research Accomplishments through PEIIAD

PEIIAD, the Program of Economically Infectious Animal Diseases, was conceived, designed and initially funded in 1998 as a US Congress budgetary line item. PEIIAD became one of APHI's core programs when APHI was formed in February 2002. PEIIAD's creation filled a national void; no single entity had provided timely, multidisciplinary research focused entirely on animal diseases that either threaten the US food supply or have the potential to cause serious economic losses for animal agriculture on a local, national, and international scale. Please see the last Prospectus (2009) for in-depth information about PEIIAD research areas and accomplishments.